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Snood - Infinity scarf soft merino lambswool wave pattern

Snood - Infinity scarf soft merino lambswool wave pattern

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This beautifully knitted British spun merino lambswool scarf is a cozy delight to wear and share. A ideal gift for giving or receiving. The practical circular design allows multiple styling options - wrap it twice for warmth or let it drape loosely. Lightweight yet toasty, it transitions seamlessly from crisp mornings to chilly evenings. A touch of effortless luxury for any outfit. Infinitely wearable in a range of colors and patterns.

Each item is knitted on hand powered knitting machine in my studio, linked and then finished by hand to ensure the highest quality, then washed and steamed again before being packaged and sent out to you.

Colour  (please be aware that the colours may look slightly different due to various screen settings)

Hand wash - tip: wrap in the towel to get excess water off and then dry flat.
If needed the scarf can be pressed lightly with a warm iron over a damp cloth

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